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OPUS as a Web Service

Making OPUS available as a web service has been a recent technical objective. It demonstrates that we have met the requirements of supporting service oriented architectures (SOA). In addition, we are also making use of Google Earth which makes for fairly cool route simulations.

Take a look!


OPUS on Google Maps

The ORCA Planning and Utility System can be a useful tool for analysts and operators who need to make decisions based on optimized routing of their air assets. ORCA has spent considerable time developing and fine tuning algorithms for generating these threat avoiding and goal seeking routes. In the early days of ORCA, that was our singular focus. As time went on, we learned of the importance of providing a richer environment for interacting with the data and displaying the results. These graphical tools were of use to not only the users, but also their customers and managers.

Our latest research has taken another step in the direction of inserting OPUS capabilities into new environments. We are at the beginning stages of having OPUS work in the Google Maps environment. Essentially, a user can use a simple web browser to access OPUS functionality and display the resulting routes using Google Maps. Analytical results will show up in the browser that will have separate sections for different kinds of information.

Analysts wishing to share results will be able to provide a URL. Interested parties will be able to see both the analytical results and the routes that were used in the analyses.

If you happen to be routing air assets near urban areas, it can be quite interesting to see your routes displayed with detailed imagery below. This access to data is not normally provided by OPUS [although it is possible to import your own imagery data].

We expect to have a limited number of cases up on the website in not too long for your browsing pleasure.



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